Tuesday's current focus includes the development of a screenplay titled Grid Mind Science. 

Los Angeles born, Tuesday moved to Ireland at the age of fourteen and lived there for ten years. She saw ghosts, auras, ufo's and practiced telekenisis as a child. A teenager in Dublin, she honed her songwriting and performing skills as a singer on city streets and in pubs. View Tuesday's Music Page. Ireland was a hub of spiritual happenstance for her. She began meditating at the age of sixteen, and her natural intuitive gifts blossomed.

Her mystical life experiences cultivated a deep intrigue towards understanding universal energy and a craving to connect with what lay beyond the seen world. At twenty-one, she began a serious study of yoga. Backpacking adventures in Europe and Australia led to her apprenticeship with a Grand Reiki Master teacher in the year 2000. Her Reiki teacher is a trance-channel who bestows multidimensional wisdom via Rasputin of Siberia and an entity called the Scroll. Tuesday's teacher claims to have studied Reiki with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 


Tuesday received four Reiki attunements with her teacher including Usui Level One, Level Two, Level Three, and Reiki Master. It is with her teacher that she also learned about 'the grid' of universal energy that connects all beings and things through the universe. Her apprenticeship included sharing Reiki in hospitals, & attending weekly trance-channel study events facilitated by her teacher.


Tuesday's non-fiction novel The Reiki Apprentice © embodies her epic journey from Reiki Apprentice to Reiki Master. It reflects seamless documentation of time spent with her teacher, including the dispensation of metaphysical energy tools and their application as a means towards generating healing and self-mastery.


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Tuesday's first published book is titled Chair Yoga for Everybody. It serves as the Teaching Manual to her training course. She has certified scores of Activity Leaders, Caregivers, and Yoga Teachers with her Chair Yoga For Everybody Teacher Training program


Tuesday has shared Reiki teachings and attunements with individuals and communities all over the world, including terminally ill bed-bound patients in hospitals, and elders in the nursing home community. She became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2002 and began working with wheelchair-bound individuals and groups in assisted living, hospice, and skilled nursing communities from New York to Los Angeles.


She facilitated ongoing Reiki & Wheelchair Yoga classes for patients and residents in these settings and worked in this field for fifteen years. She later created certification programs on 'Reiki Touch' and 'Mindful Meditation' for health care workers.

In 2015 Tuesday was a Speaker & Presenter at the 6th Annual Conference of Aging and Spirituality in Los Angeles. She facilitated Interactive Workshops on Reiki & Therapeutic Touch as a healing modality in the health care setting.

Tuesday May Thomas- Aging & Spirituality

Her most recent book How to Manifest with the Law of Vibration is a teaching tool and workbook that holds keys to living Heaven on Earth. Her mini book The Nowosphere contains important pointers that reflect the sensitivity and vulnerability one encounters while enduring the not always comfortable path of spiritual growth. 

She is featured in an article at where she speaks on the theme "Like attracts Like..", has written for Power Up Magazine and has published several spiritual articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. View her published articles here.

Tuesday May Thomas- books

In 2017 Tuesday experienced a series of mystical events that led to the integrative channeling of an entity named Relevar via her weekly live stream show 4D Trinity. Relevar is a fractal aspect of Saint Germain and shares teachings of 'Heaven on Earth' realization.  She published the first article channeled by Relevar in the Sedona Journal of Emergence in 2019.

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A speaker at the Conscious Life Expo in February of 2020, Tuesday shared a professional presentation titled Grid Mind Science. Her 'grid matrix research', combined with personal, and client shared healing experiences of twenty years, has led to the compilation of an accessible set of metaphysical teachings.


Grid Mind Science welcomes the individual to a practice that awakens multidimensional healing, self-mastery, and ascension through understanding the universal interconnection of all things and beings through time and space. We are learning how to bridge fourth-dimensional consciousness and heaven on earth realization. It is here we master the grid matrix and reside in the 'Nowosphere' of torus geometries, rooted in the heart of unity.

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