Tuesday's current focus includes:

her docu-film Grid Mind Science &

her upcoming interactive presentation at the

Conscious Life Expo in 2020

Los Angeles born, Tuesday moved to Ireland at the age of fourteen and lived there for ten years. She began meditating and seeing auras as a teenager, all while honing her songwriting and performing skills as a singer on Dublin streets and in pubs. View Tuesday's Music Page. Ireland was a hub of spiritual happenstance for her. She began meditating at the age of sixteen, and her natural intuitive gifts blossomed.

Her mystical life experiences cultivated a deep intrigue towards understanding universal energy and a craving to connect with what lay beyond the seen world. At twenty-one, she began a serious study of yoga. Backpacking adventures in Europe and Australia led to her apprenticeship with a Grand Reiki Master teacher in the year 2000. Her Reiki teacher is a trance-channel who bestows multidimensional wisdom via Rasputin of Siberia and an entity called the Scroll. Tuesday's teacher claims to have studied Reiki with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 


Tuesday received four Reiki attunements with her teacher including Usui Level One, Level Two, Level Three and Reiki Master. Her apprenticeship included sharing Reiki in hospitals, & attending weekly trance-channel study events facilitated by her teacher.


Tuesday's non-fiction novel The Reiki Apprentice © embodies her epic journey from Reiki Apprentice to Reiki Master, reflecting seamless documentation of time spent with her teacher.


Tuesday's life took an even deeper metaphysical turn when an entity named Relevar began channeling through her in 2017. Relevar assists her in guiding Heaven on Earth realization and fourth-dimensional consciousness teachings.


The first channeled writing by Relevar was published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, 2019. Find out more about Tuesday's path with Relevar here. Stay tuned for monthly teleseminar classes with Tuesday and Relevar this Fall.