The Reiki Apprentice - Book Reviews


"A wonderful read! One to be studied. Especially for those practitioners interested and affiliated with energy work, this is a great text to be used in teaching settings."  -Daydree MyOshun


"The Reiki Apprentice shares the account of a young woman's journey from youth to adulthood and the enlightenment she found along the way. Bullied, battered and abused, she forged on to heal herself through Reiki. This book takes you on an international journey and the experience of traveling within to find self love. It is a well-written and sometimes amusing account of one spiritual apprentice who has become a master. -Christine Larkin 


"This book is a treasure of physical and spiritual knowledge. So many useful techniques and experiences shared in order for us to absorb and grow. A must read for all on the spiritual healing path!" -Elizabeth Peregrina


"Your book is intensely healing. I feel turned on and turned up every time I spend time with it. I am having the most spiritually magical day and I am attributing it to your energy. Your book is dear to me and like an ancient sacred text. I feel your spirit leading and guiding me whenever I open it up for a some wisdom and guidance.


I honestly feel it is another version of Yogananda's Autobiography. Your energy shines through the pages. I'm sipping it like a tea. It's work is slow, and I can feel it in my astral body going to work on old scars through mirroring your experiences and my own. We are truly all one soul and your work and your life remind me of that continually." -Mary Smith


"This book was amazing, from beginning to end. Tuesday's willingness and depths to go to the source of her pain and turn it into love and compassion for herself and others was awesome and inspiring. Her experiences with grid energy work and channeling reinforced what we already know: all of life is energy and we are bound to one another on an energetic tapestry. I can't wait to hear more from her as she continues to embark on spiritual journeys."

-Risa Winograd 


"A thoughtful, fantastic look about opening yourself to the world of spirituality and using it to heal yourself and others. Tuesday Thomas takes you through a lifetime of learning experiences with various spiritual healers and teachers to show a behind-the-scenes look at her growth as a yoga teacher and Reiki master. Her experiences include her own miraculous recovery from a stomach infection after a Reiki session, spiritual healing from early childhood abuse, and an apprenticeship with a healer who studied with the Dalai Lama, where her spiritual growth took on new heights.


This book is filled with practices that one could take to help cleanse your own self and home from past hurtful memories & dark energies while drawing in "the light". She writes beautifully about her direct accounts of outer worldly experiences while expanding her own power through her practices. Extremely well-written and a great read." -Charlotte Barry