'The Nowosphere' Free mini Ebook by Tuesday May Thomas
The Reiki Apprentice book by Tuesday May Thomas
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The Nowosphere - book two in the series by Tuesday May Thomas
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A latchkey kid is alone and feels unloved by her mother. At home, she learns to keep quiet about the sexual rights of passage her childhood best friend Yvette presses her into.


One evening her mother finds out about their secret and she learns shame. An obese child humiliated by life, she pushes her feelings down with food and her body carries the weight of her pain. Relentlessly bullied by Brian Woodley at school, she is teased and taunted about her body image.


Stunted by these early life experiences, she cannot find her voice as a young woman in the world. By the age of twenty-five, this latchkey kid has learned to practice meditation and yoga. She takes on the adventure of back-packing through Italy and Greece where she is introduced to Reiki. Enthralled by two miraculous healing recoveries in these distant lands, she seeks a Reiki Teacher upon her return to New York City and becomes the apprentice to a Grand Reiki Master, and Trance Channel Healer in Brooklyn.  

Her study runs three documented years. Under the wing of her teacher, she learns how to heal every part of her life and how to assist the healing of others. Just as she taps a new realm of personal mastery, she finds out her teacher has much more in store for her as the path of Reiki apprentice to Reiki master takes a manipulative and eerie twist. 

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Learning the law of vibration is about developing trust in your heart’s manifestation ability and allowing that mystical certainty to show you the way. In doing so your personalized version of heaven on earth becomes realized. This is the experience of embodied enlightenment.

·      How to Manifest with the Law of Vibration discusses the law of attraction, the law of vibration, and how to understand the best of both teachings so you can learn to live heaven on earth as an everyday experience.


·      Learn the Four Steps to Manifesting with the law of vibration. Use the Eight Keys Workbook included as a means to connect with your higher Self & ignite the truth in your heart.

·      In this book, I share teachings garnered from my personal life experience, plus exercises to help you connect with and courageously vibrate as the true authentic you.

·      With the law of vibration, you become skilled at navigating life from a place of integrity and wisdom. You will learn to accept your Self and manifest through love and light.



The Nowosphere book one

Understanding your Spiritual Sensitivity


'The Nowosphere book one' Free mini Ebook by Tuesday May Thomas


Stop asking, “Why is this happening to me?” And start recognizing your path of spiritual sensitivity as a medium of transformation. 


Have you embarked on a path of healing ancient wounds and past hurts? Has your inner work left you with a declaration of liberation yet at the same time, a new emotional sensitivity, a sense of psychic vulnerability, and the feeling of being physically ungrounded? These are signs you are entering the Nowosphere


Learn how to recognize cornerstones along your path of spiritual growth, and master them. Begin to embody who and what you are at the very core of your being, in the Nowosphere.


  The Higher Self

 Blueprint of Self Mastery


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Consider yourself wired with master potential. Your Higher Self mirrors the master qualities within you. The decisions, feelings, and guidance you sense and receive from your Higher Self articulate the master you already are. As you put into practice the guidance of the higher self, you naturally awaken to Self-mastery.



This Chair Yoga Teachers Manual aims to fulfill its reader's ability to practice and instruct Chair Yoga with pupils of all ages and physical abilities. It is a companion to the Chair Yoga Teacher Certification Course created by the author, yet can be used on its own as a self-guided teaching tool.


This book presents guidelines for adapting Chair Yoga to serve every level of student in a variety of settings such as; nursing home and assisted living communities with wheelchair-bound  & bed-bound residents and patients, to everyday people who want to learn how to stretch safely, plus 'silver sneakers' gym and health club members, and the corporate novice. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

The Nowosphere book two  

Metaphysical Energy Tools for Self Mastery


For Empaths, Sensitives, Addicts and those on the sometimes unnerving path of Spiritual Growth.
'The Nowosphere book two'- second in The Nowosphere book series by Tuesday May Thomas

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This is a time of transformation, and a time of self-care. You are a multidimensional being. More than just a physical body, you also inhabit a body of emotions and a body of the mind. Self-care includes taking care of all aspects of Self and acknowledging all three bodies; Mental, Emotional and Pysical.


Using the metaphysical energy tools in this book will serve your journey as you move from understanding the new sensitivity of the void, to who you are in the Nowosphere, to embodying yourSelf fully in Nowopolis.


Who are you in the Nowosphere? In the Nowosphere you embody the truth of you. This is where your calm power and integral Self authority reside. In the Nowosphere you meet and become One with your mighty and beautifully radiant hologram and pure authentic Self. In Nowopolis, you learn to live and embody all parts of yourSelf as One.