From 2000- 2015 I served as a teacher and facilitator of Chair & Wheelchair Yoga, Reiki, & Meditation in numerous healthcare settings, including nursing homes, assisted living, skilled nursing, in-home care, hospitals and hospice. I created three training programs in my specialty areas and have certified scores of students on how to share these modalities with others, as well as use them for their own life enrichment. I look forward to creating online certifications courses in the future. Stay Tuned!

Below is a video from my Chair Yoga channel at Youtube. I had the honor of working with these students for fifteen years! See what Chair Yoga looks like with health care residents of all levels.

Scroll down for Testimonials and click below for more on each training program. Let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to serve! Contact- tuesdaymaythomas@tuesdaymaythomas.com

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Serve your own wellness, and the Quality of Life for others by learning how to perform and facilitate Chair Yoga, Mindful Meditation, and Reiki Touch.


Each training focuses on creating, implementing, and facilitating successful Therapeutic Modality programs in a healthcare setting, and with loved ones, friends and community.


Chair Yoga Certification

Mindful Meditation Certification

Reiki Touch Certification



Very Thorough without being overwhelming. Perfect amount of material to cover in a one-day course. Appropriate and applicable for healthcare pros, yoga instructors and bodyworkers alike." 

-Scarlett Redmond Yoga Instructor


"This course was excellent! This course has equipped me with the knowledge and fundamentals to teach Chair Yoga to residents in a retirement community who have Dementia. Thank you for such a valuable class." 

-Katherine Kennedy Summerhouse Manager Villa Gardens Retirement Community 


"I learned more than I expected to, and now feel confident and empowered to teach Yoga in a healthcare setting." 

-Magda Freedom Rod Yoga Instructor & Author


“I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Chair Yoga for Everybody's training in southern California in 2012. The program was beneficial not only in my professional but personal life as well."

 -Ashley Wade Owner, Group Exercise Instructor & Trainer at Evolve U Fitness & Wellness


"I have been an active yogi for over 5 years, and recently had a back injury which made me stop altogether. I was really missing that powerful breath/body connection and wondered how I could keep practicing. I also had the feeling that I wanted to teach but knew that I would need to start with the basics. I had no idea how completely inspiring and enriching this training would be! It was so comprehensive; it covered everything from posture to eye yoga (an amazing new set of exercises!).  I have fallen in love teaching the beautiful practice of seated yoga. I've seen the positive effect it's had on my own well being and my health-- my back feels better than ever, thanks to the stretching and fluid movements of the practice. 


I'm excited to share what I've learned with everybody, no matter what their level of mobility. This is a practice that I will take with me and share with family, friends and the community, for as long as I am fortunate enough to help others breathe, relax, and feel good in their bodies." 

-Rachel Gold Mother and Interior Design Consultant


"Very informative and exciting! Certainly hope to incorporate what I've learned today not just with my residents, but for my personal wellbeing." 

-Raymond Ruiz Life Enrichment Specialist Kingsley Manor Retirement Community


"Valuable information, to implement a successful Chair Yoga Exercise..." Program. "Highly recommended!... Namaste!" 

-Evita Valero Life Enrichment Facilitator Villa Gardens Retirement Community


"This course was very cohesive and organized. The instruction explained the material, demonstrated the sequences and provided helpful insight based on teaching Therapeutic Modalities in a healthcare setting."  

-Nancy Pienkowski Ayurvedic Yoga Instructor 


"Great training. I can only recommend it to anybody :) "

 -Viktoria Selmser Life Enrichment Director Kingsley Manor Retirement Community


"Great Course. It has provided us with high standards to attain. Thanks!"

 -Robert Evans Senior Care Advocate & Volunteer


"Very Professional and knowledgeable. I recommend this course to everyone." 

-Olga Duff Caregiver & Buddhist Teacher


"Excellent course for all levels of practitioners and for healthcare professionals. Easy to follow format." 

-Dana Tillman Yogini 


"Inspiring to my mind, body, and soul. I %100 recommend Chair Yoga to everyone who is willing to learn." 

-Delone Martinez Life Enrichment Specialist Kingsley Manor Retirement Community