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Chair Yoga for Everybody Tuesday May Tho

Is Chair Yoga a new concept to you? Have you wondered what a Chair Yoga class might be like? Imagine breathing deeply while experiencing the relaxation of stretching from a seated position.


This course teaches the most important elements of Chair Yoga, including safety and interactive teaching methods. While this program provides an emphasis on teaching in a healthcare setting, This course offers guidelines to practice, instruct and provide safe Chair Yoga classes in a number of diverse settings with pupils of all ages and abilities, including a section on working with bed-bound students.


Chair Yoga as a therapeutic recreational activity, can support the overall well being of nursing home patients and enhance their quality of life. Seated Yoga provides a platform for residents to maintain degrees of independence by learning how to cultivate deeper breathing practices while moving more consciously in their bodies. 


Breath with movement has proven to be an effective way to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. A seated Chair Yoga practice stimulates health, healing, and happiness. View Course Description


Benefits of Chair Yoga

Credit- First Edition Chair Yoga Teacher Training Manual by Tuesday May Thomas 2012


These benefits serve to positively sustain the health of those from all walks of life, including healthcare patients, the elderly, and everyday healthy people. The list below embodies the basis of a well functioning physical body at any age.


For Healthcare, Hospital or Rehabilitation patients, the strength and coordination skills gained from an ongoing practice may help to create greater flexibility and physical balance. This can help reduce strains, sprains, falls and injury as a patient undergoes their healing process.



-Improved Circulation 

-Decrease Stress & Anxiety

-Increased Metabolic Rate

-Mood Enhancement

-Creates a State of Mental Well Being

-Improved Quality of Sleep

-Increase in Bone Density

-Osteoporosis Prevention

-Joint Lubrication

-Oxygenation of Blood Cells

-Increased Vitality

-Improved Memory and Concentration

-Gain Strength and Balance

-Alignment/Re-Alignment of Body’s Skeletal Structure



Click the link below to view my professional research article on Chair Yoga in the nursing home and healthcare setting.


CHAIR YOGA; A Modern Approach to an Ancient Science.

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