The Reiki Apprentice Non Fiction Memoir by Tuesday May Thomas

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The Reiki Apprentice - A Girl's True Story of Initiation
 Non Fiction Novel -Women's Personal Spiritual Growth - Memoir 

A note to my readers:
This book was originally published under the title Confessions of a Spiritual Apprentice© in 2014. The Reiki Apprentice - A Girl’s True Story of Initiation© contains the same story with a new book cover and title. 

Latchkey kid Tuesday is alone and feels unloved by her mother. At home she learns to keep quiet about the sexual rights of passage her childhood best friend Yvette presses her into. One evening her mother finds out about their secret, and Tuesday learns shame. An obese child humiliated by life, she pushes her feelings down with food and her body carries the weight of her pain. Relentlessly bullied by Brian Woodley at school, she is teased and taunted about her body image.

Stunted by these early life experiences, Tuesday cannot find her voice as a young woman in the world. She realizes those childhood experiences with Yvette and Brian have truly scared her. She feels confused about her sexuality, cheated by her body and weight, and perplexed by the commentary of self-hate continually claimed by her mind. What she does not know- is a sacred path of healing will prove to be her personal treasure map to self-mastery. 
By the age of twenty-five Tuesday has learned to practice meditation and yoga. She takes on the adventure of backpacking through Italy and Greece where she is introduced to Reiki when a terrible stomach bug drains her health to the core. Two years later in the Australian bush, suffering from immense emotional turmoil she is once again met with the opportunity to receive Reiki.

Enthralled by two miraculous recoveries in these distant lands, she seeks a Reiki Teacher upon her return to New York City. By way of synchronistic circumstances she becomes apprentice to a Grand Reiki Master, and Trance Channel Healer in Brooklyn. Her study runs three documented years. Under the wing of her teacher she learns how to heal every part of her life and how to assist the healing of others.

Just as Tuesday experiences freedom from her past and taps a new realm of personal mastery, she finds out her teacher has much more in store for her as the path of apprentice to master takes a manipulative and eerie twist.