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Heaven on Earth book one© 2017 Tuesday May Thomas 

Eight Keys to the Door you've been Knocking on

Excerpts © 2017 Tuesday May Thomas 

The Fourth Key - Truth

I say yes to the truth in my heart

Your heart is calling. 

Can you feel it?

In the practice of Heaven on Earth,

one follows the truth in their heart.

The truth in your heart is akin to a boat’s blaring ‘air horn’ that is letting you know it will be leaving port soon. The truth in your heart contains the gps to your experience of Heaven on Earth. It contains coordinates to help you navigate your labyrinth of personal freedom.  


The more you say yes to the call of your heart and boat, the more you will become a magnetic for your personal Heaven on Earth to materialize. The calling of your boat lures you to experience more of yourself. Don’t give up. Practice heeding the call of your boat daily. It’ a muscle, it will get stronger as you follow through. Remember; It's not important if you get that boat, what is important is that you allow your Self to say yes to it. Go now. There is something beautiful here and there for you.


The Fifth Key - Love

I say yes to Love

Fear shrinks your spiritual energy muscles.

Love expands your spiritual energy muscles. 


In the practice of Heaven on Earth,

One willingly chooses love, over and over, and over again.

The practice of following one’s heart is an act of self-love. In the act of heeding the call of your boat, you are cultivating the ability to choose love over fear. Fear will tell you to do everything but what is best for the fulfillment of your deepest truth.

As you follow the call of your boat, layers of false evidence appearing real fall by the wayside. Your ability to embody love for your Self and share it in the world becomes natural.

The Sixth Key -Manifestation

I am therefore I receive

In the practice of Heaven on Earth,

one learns allowing.

All manifestation requires the practice of allowing on some level. With the practice of allowing comes a change of perception, a change of mind. You learn to know what is true to you. You learn know what you want without needing it.


Stress and sorrow come from thinking you should be anywhere else than where you are right now. They stem from second guessing the choices you've made along your path. Tell that part of your mind to place love there, and then allow everything to be perfect and blessed.

When you have a hard time resting in the fruits you have co-created and chosen via heeding the call of your boat, spend time practicing gratitude for what abides. Stop focusing on what is wrong or could be better.


Stop complaining. Stop being a victim.


Practice strengthening your ability to perceive what is good and true to you. 

Once you let go of needing things outside of you to change, a space of allowing naturally begins to change you on the inside. In this way you begin to easily manifest what is true to you via the Law of Vibration.

When you want to experience change your body, job, health, apartment, income, relationships and life in general, the number one key is- Stop needing your life to change.

“What?” I hear you ask.. “But I do want my life, body, job, health, apartment, income, relationships etc to change! That’s why I’m reading this book!” Okay lemme tell you again; The ‘key to change’ is Stop needing your life to be different from what it is now. 


Your need to change things from what they are to something else, is the cause of sorrow and stress.  When you are focused only on that which needs to change, you become bound to things being the way you perceive them to be, and they, in the fashion you have sculpted them to be- become bound to you.


You might decide you cannot be happy until something changes.

But nothing changes as long as you are bound by needing it to change.


Quantum Tipping Point The Metaphysics of Self Mastery

Master your mind, Master your world ©  Tuesday May Thomas 

Excerpts © 2017 Tuesday May Thomas 

Chapter 11

Three Levels of Creation


As we change our mind, our feelings follow. We understand that as we change our mind about the way we interpret people, places and things, the subconscious mind that runs the entire show is being offered a new way of seeing things. It is being offered a new recording, for the record.


The subconscious mind drives everything. It is quietly co-creating the circumstances in which you find yourself now. A lot of what drives the subconscious and the way you experience life is deeply rooted in the livestream re-runs playing on autopilot in the depths of your mind. We inherit a lot of 'records' from family, television, society, science, friends, religion, culture, tradition... Do you agree with those recordings or not?  What is your truth? What are you ready to leave behind? And what are you allowing to abide?


What if you don't know which recordings are running your life? 

To do work in the subconscious realm, you don't have to find out what each record is, but you can- and sometimes you will. You just have to allow the truth of you a voice, a body and a mind. 

Who are you when you are in a state of allowing- you?  


The practice of allowing gives rise to an inner alchemy that bridges authentic, meaningful transformation. Allowing the old to dissolve sounds easy, and it is, and it isn't. Truth is, it comes in waves, it releases in layers, in spirals- and parts of your truth become illumined along the way. This practice will take you places and show you people that match or challenge who you think you are at your core so you can be reminded of who you are when allowing your true authentic Self to be present. The fun is in practicing who you want to be when you show up as your Self. 

The subconscious holds a hardcopy of the seeds in your heart, meaning, it knows what brings you effortless joy and purpose.


As you learn to allow, these seeds grow- becoming brighter and brighter, eventually lighting up like Vegas, baby.  Only thing is the subconscious continues picking up information everywhere it goes. It gathers stories and recordings of who you think you are, or who you think you are supposed to be over the course of your life. As you practice playing new releases and new records that are in alignment with your truth, everything changes. 

'Think' your new recordings (thoughts) with discipline, like doing 200 crunches everyday. 

New recordings have roots in the 'true you' that has always been here. This is the subconscious superhero you truly are. These are the original, underground recordings of you!

Chapter 7

Mind Body Bending

And so we use these tools to activate the energy vehicle (body of love and light). The meditation, the yoga, the breathing practices, the stillness, movement, the quiet, the chanting, surfing, tai chi, all of it- we use all of these tools to awaken the light body. Awareness gives you the key. Using your tools is turning the key in the ignition. It's akin to getting your vehicle up and running. 


Your mind body bending practice will awaken, harmonize, and heal the chakras. It will calibrate your staff of power & spinal channel that are vitally important to the clarity of your crystalline tube. 

Ultimately your energy vehicle, your body, your spirit, your mind, your emotions, all of you- is a bridge. And all we are doing is remembering that we are a bridge, we are relearning how to bridge heaven on earth. Through our bodies and minds- we learn how to create the correct inner conditions that match the truth in our hearts. Living this way creates a life we love to live- living this way requires mind body bending.

Renegade Reiki 

A Radical way of Teaching & Talking about Reiki ©  Tuesday May Thomas