A Screenplay Synopsis

©Tuesday May Thomas



The year is 2026. All planets and stars systems of the galaxy abide in agreement for peace, intending to synchronize their collective ascension to the next octave of light in 2100. For this to occur, each planet and star system must learn to live without war. All but Earth have begun the task. 


Over the course of a global pandemic, a ‘small’ world war, an economic crash, and a world-wide breaking water disaster,… communication between Earth and extra-terrestrial intelligence becomes established.


A timeline begins to grow. Inhabitants of Earth work towards peace. New records of creation are planted like seeds in the Akashic, that they might take root within the Grid. As the potential for galactic coherence strengthens, a cardio-toxic chemical is spilled into an Australian lakeside, spreading world wide by 2030. Drinking water becomes scarce. Many die. 


A pharmaceutical company owned by the richest man in the world, Reggie Anthony Black is behind the spill. His action causes a ‘crack’ in the shiny aura Earth is generating. This creates a perfect entry point for the Tar Body Order of the universe to infiltrate the Grid and rally to make a deal with Reggie. In exchange for his immortality, he will be tempted to use his encryption skills to break into the Akashic Records. This allows the Tar Body Zombies to gain entry into the library and remove ‘memory plates’ vital to Earth's enlightenment.


Altor (Sting), Leader of the Galactic Order, sends DJ (Zoe Kravitz), a knife-throwing Jedi, and Jimmy (Adrian Grenier), an electro-Shaman-savant, to the third dimension of planet Earth to chaperone a young Gracie along the timeline of her destiny.


Through abuse, addiction, and world travels Gracie amasses the ability to channel an entity named ‘the Scroll’. Just before her death in 2098, she concludes written works that, in another timeline, inspire Onyx to create a film titled ‘Grid Mind Science’, a movie aimed to dispensing a metaphysical understanding of matrix-mastery through establishment of a ‘template teaching' known as the Grid.


Once established in the Akashic Records, Gracie’s ‘Teachings of the Scroll’ serve as a vital component for humanity’s ascension, as does Onyx’s film. One cannot abide without the other, as Onyx and April play important roles in Gracie’s timeline beginning 2038.


Gracie is orphaned as a youth when her family’s car is instantly demolished. This intersects with a young couples' road trip. Onyx (Glenn Hansard), and April, endure a calamitous awakening while camping when their tent is illumined in the middle of the night by a blinding white light. “Five UFO over Kimpton Creek”, reads the next day’s local paper.


These combined events draw DJ and Jimmy to unite with Master (Bruce Lipton), and Lala (Queen Latifa), Onyx, and April to help Gracie stay on course to becoming the Scroll. 


Will the team be successful in guiding Gracie’s timeline to its fruition, and thus, support the potential of galactic ascension for 2100?,… or will Reggie’s actions block the evolution of collective awakening by concealing the science of the Grid?

grid mind science synopsis
100 words

In 2026 contact with extra-terrestrial star systems influence humanity to end all war and prepare for the Galactic Ascension of 2100.


Grid teachings must be secured in the Akashic Records for society's successful timeline split from darkness to light.


An intrepid Jedi and her shaman sidekick covertly chaperone Gracie to her destiny of becoming the Scroll. Gracie's written work is foreordained to reach Onyx, who later creates a codex containing 'grid mind science'.


Will the ascension be blocked by a greedy genius who cracks the Akashic code and enlists Tar Body Zombies to steal valuable ‘memory plates’ containing knowledge of the grid?