The Movie

Tuesday May Thomas

This is a project I have been 'seeding' as a book for nineteen years. It is finally taking shape in the 3D and is ready to become manifest as a movie! Musical score & edits featured in this first sizzle reel are created by yours truly. This is the first (rough draft) mini sizzle reel towards painting the picture of the Grid Matrix and all it offers humanity as a medium for healing, transformation, and ultimate liberation.


Contact me if you are interested in helping this vision come to light. Read my 'Grid Mind Science' Media Release to find out more. I will be establishing a Kickstarter campaign with a detailed Synopsis and Goal Sheet for the making of this movie. More details coming soon. Please email me if you have any comments or ways you would like to help. Thank You. 



Namaste with Love, Tuesday


Voice One- Brother Anandamoy SRF

Voice Two- Marianne Williamson

Voice Three- Gregg Braden

Voice Four- Louise Hay

Voice Five- Bruce Lipton



1.Joe Kye- Airang

2.Kitka- Collage of Koleda

3.Joe Kye- Bam Bams Lullabye

4.Kitka- Kur Bijata Ziemassvetki

4.Lindie Lila- Cauldron of Changes



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