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The Grid Matrix is the missing piece of the puzzle to many spiritual teachings shared via movies such as 'The Secret' and 'What the Bleep do we know'. By consciously utilizing this missing link, we can navigate a perfect path of healing and self-mastery. In mastering the Grid Matrix, we learn to live from the heart, where 4D Consciousness abides. Living from the heart, we can experience heaven on earth together.


A wave of mass healing is occurring on this planet.

Grid Mind Science offers direct metaphysical teachings to help us collectively navigate the mystical transformation the planet is currently undergoing. We are moving from a fear-based 3D duality-driven consciousness to a broader fourth-dimensional consciousness rooted in love and light.

In healing our lives with the Grid Mind Science teachings, we become accustomed to living in the now, no longer bound to the gravity of time and space, past and future. The Grid displays an elegant operating system whereby heaven on earth may be generated via the impeccable use of mind (space) and mouth (time).


Mastering the grid matrix offers the experience of levity. That is; being in the world while not being of it. As the collective mind and heart continue to heal, the gravity of this '3D', or 'third-dimensional' place we call the world is transformed into a '4D', fourth-dimensional plane of existence we will come to know as Earth.

Healing is real. You can change. The pain of your past can end.

With more people on the planet looking at life from a spiritual perspective than ever before, the conversation about energy and creating one's reality is a hot topic. This is where understanding The Grid comes into play, for it offers a new template by which to dissolve the pain of the past and heal your life by understanding how the Grid Matrix works and your part in it.


For decades the collective spiritual community has gathered information on the fundamentals of sacred geometry, interconnection, how our thoughts become things, the power of living in the now, self-healing, multidimensionality, and how our perceptions and actions inextricably tie us to the sub-atomic world of quantum physics. All that we have collectively gathered in way of understanding a universal spiritual-teaching that sums up how the universe works, is here now, in Grid Mind Science.


Tuesday May Thomas has the vision for a movie titled 'Grid Mind Science'.

Grid Mind Science will be used as a vehicle to educate the masses about their interconnection with all life, including their own- via the visible and the invisible parts of the universe. It will serve as a map way through which to learn the 'science' of healing and ascension, that we may live a life we love and bridge heaven on earth, here and now. 

Grid Mind Science welcomes the individual to a practice that awakens multidimensional healing, self-mastery, and ascension through understanding the universal interconnection of all things and beings through time and space. We are learning how to bridge fourth-dimensional consciousness and heaven on earth realization. It is here we master the grid matrix and reside in the 'Nowosphere' of torus geometries, rooted in the heart of unity.

Tuesday May Thomas

Creator of Grid Mind Science

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