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Author, Speaker, Mystic, Muse & Master Facilitator


Introducing a new voice in the field of spirituality and metaphysics. Los Angeles born Tuesday May Thomas moved to Ireland at the age of fourteen and lived in Dublin for ten years. Tuesday returns to Ireland in 2019 as an Author, Teacher, and Speaker ready to deliver Spiritual Teachings, share Reiki Workshops, and plant seeds of Heaven on Earth realization.


As a teenager in Ireland, Tuesday began meditating, seeing auras, and studying yoga with an Irish elder in Kimmage all while singing on Dublin streets and in pubs. She sang as a back-up vocalist in Irish funk band 'The Way It Is'. They made it into the Irish Top Twenty Charts and she appeared with the band on Zig & Zag, Jo Maxi, and in Hot Press Magazine.


Along with her musical adventures, Ireland was a hub of spiritual and mystical happenstance for Tuesday. On-going sleep paralysis, sprinkled with visitations from otherworldly beings became the spiritual turning points of her time spent on the Emerald Isle. 

Tuesday tours Ireland in the Fall of 2019.

Coming back to her roots this Fall, Tuesday seeks to engage in all areas of media to extend the teachings she shares on all things spiritual and woo! 

Healing is real. You can change. The pain of your past can end.  

Tuesday has learned how to heal her life and sustain the experience of living heaven on earth. Her mission is to share the most important teachings and fundamental practices for healing and Self-mastery. For two decades she has helped people learn how to heal their lives, realize their full potential, and live it! 

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A Practicing Reiki Master Teacher since 2001, Tuesday apprenticed with a Grand Reiki Master teacher and Trance Channel healer in NYC from 2000-2003. Her apprenticeship included sharing Reiki in hospitals, & attending weekly trance-channel study events facilitated by her teacher. Tuesday's non-fiction novel The Reiki Apprentice © embodies her epic healing journey from Reiki Apprentice to Reiki Master.

For fifteen years Tuesday shared Therapeutic Modality Programs with patients and residents in nursing home communities, hospitals, and hospice.


She created Training Programs, whereby she later certified scores of caregivers, yoga teachers, recreational staff and everyday people in Chair Yoga, Reiki Touch, and Mindful Meditation. She looks forward to sharing her programs in Ireland, this year!

Tuesday now establishes herself as a compelling voice in the world of Spiritual Growth and Metaphysics. "With more people on the planet looking at life from a spiritual perspective, the conversation about energy, and creating one's reality are hot topics", she says. Her current focus includes developing her movie Grid Mind Science for production. The Grid Method offers a new template by which to dissolve the pain of the past and heal your life through understanding how the universe works and your part in it. 

In 2017 Tuesday began channeling a Luminous Christos Entity named Relevar who dispenses teachings on fourth-dimensional consciousness and Heaven on Earth Realization. Relevar and the Heaven on Earth Teachings will plant seeds in Ireland with Tuesday, this coming year.

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Contact Tuesday for information on, and to schedule:


-events in Ireland for 2019

-web, television, magazine, and podcast conversation and interviews

-connecting energy and efforts on 'Grid Mind Science' The movie 

Tuesday May Thomas

Email - tuesdaymaythomas@tuesdaymaythomas.com

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Tuesday May Thomas

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Tuesday Specializes in Spiritual Growth, The Grid Matrix of Collective Consciousness, Applied Metaphysics & Reiki. Join the community, watch her spiritually channeled Weekly Live Stream '4D TRINITY'. Her books and media empower the individual to live Heaven on Earth through the practice of Self-Love & Self-Mastery.