At the age of thirteen, I lip-synched to Siouxsie and The Banshees and won first place at a school talent contest. I was on my way to stardom!




While living in Ireland,  I sang back-up vocals  in a Dublin based band named 'The Way It Is.' We recorded two hit singles that received radio play. 'Too much of love' made it into the Irish top twenty charts at #11. The band was written up in the prestigious Hot Press Magazine. The Way It Is toured all over the country, with our base in Dublin. We appeared as special musical guests on the ever-popular television show Zig & Zag and performed on Jo Maxi. If anyone has footage of this- let me know!

At twenty-one,  a guitar came to me as a gift. I wrote songs, busking along Ireland's city streets, and at open mic shows. My guitar went everywhere with me, and I enjoyed storytelling via songwriting. While backpacking in Europe I made a living by singing on the streets and reading tarot cards. I later MC'd a popular female open mic night called 'Fire and Voice' at the now reincarnated BMW Bar in the Fashion District.


Golden Brown 1.jpg

Back in 1998 while getting my acoustic groove on at the BMW Bar in NYC's Fashion District, I met Joe Vega, Mike Merlino, and Dave Mendez. They were looking for a lead singer and I was looking for a band. It was love at first jam. Performing as a lead singer with this heavy-melodic trio was like nothing I had ever experienced- and never will again. We recorded a popular underground Indie album named 'Hippo.' We received radio play with our pop song 'Tell Me' and won first place in a Japanese Band Contest. Though the band was only together for three years, we continued to play 'reunion gigs' for many years to follow.


Tuesday & Joe- 69Nova NYC Reunion 2002 4


While I have yet to go public with my album 'Thunder Years', I enjoyed shooting this photo on NYC's 1 Line as an idea for the albums cover circa 2000. Check out some music from Thunder Years here- Thunder Years on Soundcloud.


Photography -Cari Gonzales ©