Everything is Energy. Energy is Vibration.

I offer Reiki Attunement & Certification in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki lineage.

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creates the correct conditions for love to flourish. Where love flourishes, mind, body and emotions heal. Attuning to the subtle vibrations of love with Reiki is a means of attuning to the Higher Self. Your Higher Self holds the blueprint to your spiritual sovereignty and teaches one Self-Mastery.






Laying on of Hands

is the most natural means of applying and sharing healing in our world. Reiki teaches the student how to navigate their personal healing process and is a highly alchemical means of Spiritual Transformation.


Each Student of Reiki becomes a lightening rod for their own divine healing. Learning to consciously apply Self Love through laying on of hands allows the participant to harness and

direct Energy in the Universe. This experience is a valuable means to embodying one's personal power and liberation.




A Reiki Attunement

 consists of the Reiki Master Teacher placing one or more Sanskrit and/or Japanese symbols into the Shushumna or energetic spinal column of the student. The symbol(s) are also placed into the palms of the hands in a ceremonial ritual. 

The Reiki Symbols

act as a catalyst, stimulating an activation that serves to expand the nadis and meridians for more life-force to flow. The student learns how to heal themselves with Reiki by developing a regular hands on healing practice and later in tandem by sharing Reiki with others.


There may by a series of Reiki Attunements 

from Level One to Level Two, to Level Three and Master Level over time as the student is guided to explore their healing path with Reiki.

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