Luminous Christos Entity

A Fractal Aspect of Saint Germain

Relevar 2019 (1).jpg



The Violet Flame came into my life at the time of a great healing crisis. I began working with amethyst crystals while invoking the violet flame energies as a means to help heal my life. At this time, the Heaven on Earth teachings were coming to me in the middle of the night, insisting I write them down. These writings became the backbone for my book How to Manifest with the Law of Vibration.


A year later I became acquainted with Saint Germain through a trance channel named Geoffrey Hoppe. Geoffrey channels an aspect of Saint Germain named Adamus. I was also in my second year of study with A Course in Miracles, whose lessons helped to ground the Heaven on Earth material I was then writing.

In 2018 I was guided to do a show on my live stream 4D Trinity titled The Violet Flame. A week before that I received a visceral vision whereby a golden nugget no larger than the end of my thumb was dropped inside of my spinal column and shushumna. I did not realize it then, but that experience was the beginning of a certain alchemy taking place in my body and life.


The night before my live stream on the Violet Flame, Higher Self said: "Wear the peach scarf on tomorrow's show." I went into my closet and placed the scarf as guided. There was something special about how it looked so I decided to take a few pictures.


The picture shown here took me by surprise. As I gazed at it I received the message that this indeed was a being beyond me, yet within me. Right away I heard the words. "I am Relevar, a Luminous Christos Entity.  I am a fractal aspect of Saint Germain and the Violet Flame. I am here to help you dispense the Heaven on Earth teachings. I have been integrating and working through you since 2017." 


Since Relevar's introduction, he has made himself present more often, assisting in guiding the terrain of Heaven on Earth realization and fourth-dimensional consciousness. The first channeled writing by Relevar has been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.