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Reiki Restoration-Letter to my Community

Blessings Beautiful Students,

I am grateful for the healing we share. Thank you for being amazing and sharing your light and love so unconditionally.

Today I felt a bit 'hungover', though I did not drink! In fact yesterday was day 18 of a 30 day detox for me. In the fifteen years I have been teaching Reiki, I am familiar with the current process I am in. This detox serves a rewiring of my mind; being the thoughts I think, and mouth; being the words I speak over my life and into the chemistry of my body-mind continuum. (Thank you for the 'gratitude' lesson Brittney) With that, my nadis, or energy channels are widening, that my ability to share greater volumes of life-force or Love-Force is being activated at this juncture of my personal growth. It's all about the LOVE!- and it always is.

This month has been hella' challenging- just watch my June Tarot Video on Youtube. (I have a full playlist of Reiki videos on my Youtube channel, including guided meditations, and lectures...with lots more to come. Please pop over after reading this blog and browse!) Many of you who have watched it - share a deep resonance with the card's offerings. Me too! Believe me there have been plenty of times I would have loved a glass of wine.... or two this month. And it always seems the most devastating of times in my life happen when I am practicing abstinence of one kind or another. ( I do realize what I just said, Brit :) How bout you?

This morning when I woke up I felt hungover and tired, even though I slept a good solid 4 hours. Believe me, I'd love to sleep more, yet over this detox period, everything is being re-calibrated and it is changing my sleep patterns currently. Instead of stressing about it, I choose to go with the flow, and trust that I am getting the rest I require.

So, Sometimes the 'blahs', or a kind of 'energy hangover' can happen the day after such a HUGE BLAST of Reiki has been shared, & received. Even if you know for sure you were simply channeling the love-force and not attempting to use your personal reserves of energy. As Marianne Williamson says- we are the faucet, not the water. And we did a lot! Remember, we started at 3pm; the drumming, the lecture, guided meditations; (audio recording/video coming soon) & lengthy hands on healing sessions- and our collective intuitive interpretations.... The circle found it's completion and finished at midnight. That's a lot of Amore!

With such a powerful immersion into the light- and massive amounts of information being received mind & body, there is an integration period most of us may feel aware of now. For some, you got enough sleep and awoke feeling energized, and recalibrated. For others, maybe it brought up some emotional 'stuff' that's been seeking a release, or you just got the 'blahs', like me. Either way, the process of self-care is a restoration practice that always serves our healing process. Remember, healing your life IS a process.

When sharing such intensives as we did yesterday, the body, (yours and mine) is processing the ability to hold more light, more life/love-force mind & body. That means any denser fear-based patterns and beliefs that are ready to be released are invited to 'go' back to the light for transmutation, for the highest good of all. While much did 'leave' through the healing we shared yesterday, consider the residual detoxing of the cells of your physical body and how you may serve your body's wellness this evening and in the coming days.

Here's how I nurture myself, and I invite you to create your own version of healing today- and perhaps over this coming week. As soon as I got home I poured a steaming hot bath and added ; 2 x 2lb cartons of epsom salts, the petals of a fresh rose (thank you Liane), 4 drops of April's bath potion (yummmmm)... and then I drank four glasses of water, one glass had added electrolytes (thanks Patricia). Also, here is a link to the Cell Salts Alice spoke on. Thanks Alice! Please leave a comment if you'd like and let us know how you're feeling today.

Please do let me know if you are interested in studying further with me- you can view many testimonials at my website. I also work one-to-one & with small groups. I have attached my brochure for your viewing pleasure :)

Chair Yoga & Reiki Therapeutic Touch Certificate Trainings in JULY 2016 - REGISTRATION OPEN

Click the above link if you are interested in my upcoming Trainings taking place in Pasadena; Chair Yoga & RTT1 & RTT2. May you enjoy viewing my website too!

Now I am lounging in bed, writing this to you my dear students and I feel good. Actually, I feel better than good, I am restored and relaxed and ready to sleep deeply and allow my body and mind regenerate, bathed in the love and light we share as 'One-Heart', 'One-Love'.

I am that, I am. Thank You again....

Namaste with Love,


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