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"Renegade Reiki" ©

Blessings Beautiful Friends,

Are you embracing the redirection 2016 is bringing? This year is asking us to look deeply and honestly at what no longer serves our growth, and urges us to release it with blessings and gratitude. We are invited to color outside the lines and play a much bigger role of self. How do we know who or what that is? By removing what blocks the light.What blocks the light within is the darkness of mental and emotional fears appearing real. Reiki removes and gently dissolves the mental/emotional and physical blocks- that we may embody our full power and light. After all, it feels good to feel good.

Angel Burn Bright - Click to listen on Instagram

Just between us, I am writing a book entitled Renegade Reiki ©. I like the word 'Renegade' because at heart it denotes the 'Rebel quality'. In this case it speaks to the part of us that knows there is more to life than what we have been told about the world. Its the quiet part of us that knows there is more beyond the realm of the physical senses.

Your inner renegade knows your truth. Equally your inner rebel knows what is true to you via the experience of feeling realization. Feeling realization comes over us as visceral awareness reactions or non-reactions to people, places and things. These reactions/non-reactions exemplify that which feels true or right to you at any given moment (even if that said 'truth' is a learned behavior). For example you want to be a veterinarian and your father wants you to be a lawyer. Your truth calls you to work with animals. When you talk about it, think about it, experience it- you feel expansive. YOU FEEL GOOD! When on the other hand, you think about being something you know is not true to you, you feel constraint, contraction and perhaps even a twinge in your tummy.

Are you listening? Your inner renegade constantly whispers positive notions through your cells, such as 'you can do it', 'you have value', 'take the high road', and sometimes it shows up simply as 'yes' when you are normally bombarded with 'NO'. Your inner renegade is the dancer within you who doesn't care if anyone is watching. It's the artist within you that has no worry or care of what others think about them, nor their art. The rebel in you is the visionary that, when given the opportunity to present itself offers exciting visions and feelings as keys to the truth of where your joy resides. It speaks to that mystical realm which resides within us, as seeds of our authentic self.

It's time to own what you've known all along.

And what have you known all along?

The Truth of-

Who. You. Are.

What is the truth?

#LoveIsTheTruth, always.

L.O.V.E is at the core of each being and thing, yet what also resides here in this world is the personality of self that you live with each day. That part of you is encoded with seeds of personal potential, seeds of joy, seeds of health, and all the lead you to live a life of freedom, peace, happiness, kindness, and compassion towards yourself and others.

The seeds of authenticity within us stir excitement, sometimes fear, and ultimately can lead to self realization, aka freedom and liberation from worldly woes. As we relax into watering our seeds of authenticity, we are invited to go beyond the learned response of being who you think the world wants you to be, we go beyond choosing fear in our actions, thoughts and deeds, to trusting love, to choosing love, to extending love in all we do. Reiki is a great means to exercise the value/vibration/frequencies of love and truth.

What are 'fears'? Our fears simply contain what we think we know about people, places, and things, plus all that resides in the 'dreaded' unknown. Fear includes everything you have been too afraid to 'try on' due to the past, or what you have been told by others (including media).

The past is over and you know it. You know it now more than ever before. So Forgive your Self and let go. Forgive all who you are withholding love from,.... and let them go too. As we enter the gateway of healing with Reiki, whether as a client receiving a healing session, or as a student receiving Reiki attunements, the true initiation and gift Reiki bestows- is the power of love.

I always wanted to write a book on Reiki, yet fell short. It always felt like I was trying to keep up with the Kardashians and be like the other writers on the 'Reiki block'. Their books contain in depth specifics on history and lineage, which is great. This said, I did not enjoy reading them. They felt clinical like a magazine at the doctor's office; full of facts. A Reiki book I do enjoy is Reiki Shamanism by Jim Pathfinder Ewig.

I recall my Reiki teacher laughingly requesting I throw the Reiki notes she gave me 'out the window ' at the end of my Level One Reiki Attunement session (we never looked upon them during my initiation with her). It was thereafter- upon practicing Reiki with the highest respect to tradition & with the utmost humility I could muster,... I learned how to let go of the 'notes'. I realized the actual practice of Reiki (daily laying on of hands, with my Self) was showing me, and telling me more than a set of notes ever could.

The disciplined devotion to meditate regularly, and practice Reiki via Self-healing aka laying on of hands every single day changed my entire life.... and continues to do so- for the "better, not for the bitter".

Side Note~

That's a quote from George Melton who provides many a warmly intelligent and heart guided 'quotes' and songs as he opens the Sunday Service at the Center for Spiritual Living Center in Palm Springs. He recently recited something to the fashion of "I'd rather grow to be better, not bitter." What do you want to emoby? Your version of being 'better', or your version of being 'bitter'?

One may learn about the very workings of the universe via the omni-inherent technique of Self healing named Reiki. Humorously, while I threw my notes out the window as a beginner student, I was able to contact unchartered territory within myself through which I gained entrance way to this beautiful modality's wisdom, and so can you. Fifteen years as a Reiki Student & Master Teacher, my relationship with Reiki has endowed me with an encyclopedia of media to share in my upcoming book Renegade Reiki ©.

My new book is a must read if you are interested in mystical teachings, metaphysical healing techniques, and a progressive view of Reiki and it's practices in our modern day.

How does one Heal their Life with Reiki? One does this by truly attuning to their attunements. I am speaking directly to those who have received Reiki Attunement(s) via a sacred ceremony facilitated by a Reiki Master Teacher, to Level One, Two, Three, or Master (depending on the lineage).

By doing the work of Self healing as a continuing discipline, and not as a fad diet, or a 'learned routine' that quickly fades as life becomes hectic- one becomes liberated from this world's emotional and mental gravity. One is better able to be authentically in the world and not of it. One attains compassion with detachment from worldly woes. One learns how to heal the world through healing themselves. When one commits to Reiki as a disciplined daily lifestyle habit, it delivers secrets of healing for your personal path that not I, nor any book can offer. Your liberation requires a new understanding of who you are, and the cultivation of light sight with which to see your true self and make your way.

In Renegade Reiki © I offer a multitude of syllabus' on multidimensional healing for every Level of student. You learn to ride solo and trust your true heart. Trust takes courage. You learn courage through practicing Self love.

Be brave enough to get on the bike of Self love. Take a risk on your true happiness! Sure, over time you may fall off the Reiki bike path of Self-love and scrape your knee. You may even need to put the training wheels back on your bike and learn what it means to love and accept your Self over and over again. In the unlearning of enlightenment, your freedom lies. In learning self mastery, you will leave the training wheels behind!... Let go until eventually you don't even know you need a bike!

In my teachings, One becomes discipled unto their own personal relationship with Reiki, whatever level one may be with, utilizing the blueprints of our ancestors with humility. We learn Reiki has personal messages for each person and their individual path. The personal messages Reiki shares with you develop naturally as a part of daily practice.

Why is it so important to develop a daily practice with Reiki?..., Especially for those who have been attuned? It is important to practice Reiki daily because it gives you the gifts you are looking for in life. It gives you the gifts money, sex, and drugs can't buy. A disciplined practice with Reiki instills peace of mind and alignment with the personal power of your heart medicine, through direct connection with your higher self.

Dai Ko Myo - A Level Three Symbol

You do not need to give up vegan ice cream, bacon or cheese. You do not need to diet.. Well, actually with my practices you do diet. Yet this diet does not pertain to the food entering your mouth, but first attends to the energetic 'food' of thought and mind you allow yourself to binge on daily. Engage in a new pattern of light within. Move from negative, destructive, limiting and fearful patterns of thought, word and deed.

Does Healing Your Life with Reiki entail a lot of work? Yes it is a lot of work.... and the work bestows grand, providential rewards. What kind of rewards can you expect to attain when cultivating a disciplined practice with Reiki? Your 'reward' lies in true freedom, happiness, peace of mind, and the ability to live an authentic life free of self sabotage.

With a regular Reiki Practice, one cultivates the ability to listen. Listening is the first step towards living an authentic life. Who are you living for? Your Self, the world, or somebody else? Learn to listen to your heart, your truth- and you will know which way to go.

Listening to one's heart requires courage and the constant practice of choosing light over dark, love over fear, and joy over misery in all areas of mind and mouth. Listening to your heart requires stillness and quiet. You do not have to cultivate a path of listening to hear the ego, for it speaks loudest. One 'hears' the ego all the time.

Alas, the still small voice of god (substitute with your own word) dances without a dance, in the spaces in between the beat, in between the words and stories of the ego-mind and body. The space in between is where your true Self becomes Real and Realized.

In the teachings of my book Renegade Reiki ©, reside realization rooms which accommodate sacred spaces to teleport you 'home' (to your true self, which is unity consciousness) with the aid of guided meditations, chanting, visualizations, affirmation, written work, Reiki symbol work, daily hands-on homework, and more. We will gently, authentically and naturally vibrate beyond the duality of binary thinking and enter a trinary gateway. In the netherlands of trinary we taste the oneness within, above, and below. Herein lies your true inheritance. Are you ready to receive it?

Who Are You? Are you ready to Be the True You?

Apply new metaphysical findings and ancient insight to your Reiki practice.

We will gently and for the highest good of all (the being-ness that is the one that we are all a part of) bless, heal, love and set free all that seeks light through us, while cultivating love and acceptance for one and all in our heart and mind.

Why are the teachings in my book Master Level practices? The teachings in my book Renegade Reiki © are Master Level practices because they apply the Law of Vibration. We learn the Law of Vibration as a means to go beyond Attraction, and eventually beyond Vibration. "What?" I hear you say.... Stay with me, we are only at the beginning. You are ready. Lets go!!!!

We learn beyond Law of Attraction rules and un-rules via doing the work. My book shares step by step assignments to help you transform your mind, body and life. #HealForReal. Unless the correct conditions are set within, there is little chance of harmonic relation to the greater whole.

Oneness and Unity Consciousness is where we are at, and it is where we are continually heading. Us, we, you and me.

Thank you for providing sweet sacred space

Thank you for showing up and sharing your faith

Thank you our Ancestors, the sweet and Holy one

We share love together, and so it is done

For the highest good always, and with none the more

No matter what 'mastery', we bow and explore

Preparing the vessel & sweeping the floor

Thank you for reading my work, watching my videos & meditating with me. Thank you for subscribing, commenting below & threading your insights, ... and thank you for liking and sharing .

I am excited about my new book Renegade Reiki © ! In the meantime enjoy four mini audio-videos that embody much of the work I have been pregnant with for the last nine months. It all came together as a channeled symphony at the most recent Reiki Circle I shared in Los Angeles, and it's all in the book, plus so much more!

Video 1

Reiki Circle Shaman Drum Activation & Calibration

Put your headphones on, lye down or sit in meditation with us as we prepare our Selves and the Space for our day ahead.

Video 2

Reiki Healing Circle - Tuesday's Personal Introduction

Tuesday offers a brief Personal Introduction. Fun, lighthearted and insightful. Get to know who I am, and what I'm all about!

Video 3

Reiki Lecture Part One -

How to Practice Reiki Healing - How to Understand Reiki

Huge concepts I have been meditating with, and writing on- come together in an elegantly channeled and concise overview of what I like to call 'the way' of Rengage Reiki. With the most high reverence to the ancient history of Reiki, I offer a dynamic means to understand not only this simple and life changing modality, It takes us places we've never been before. Cho Ku Rei.

Video 4

​Reiki Lecture Part Two - ​

How to Practice Reiki Healing - How to Understand Reiki

​The final part to my live mini lecture. Let's finish what we started!

Visit my website ArcOfLove.com for information on my upcoming Certificate Training Programs.

In ever expanding JOY. I am that, I am!

Namaste with Love,

Tuesday May Thomas

Dr. Emoto's Water Crystalline of Joy

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