Spiritual Apprentice

Book Club Homework

Thank you for sharing your light 

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Week 4 MP3

I place love here
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Week 8 - Energy Tool Videos

Point in Creation


Ring of light, White wall of fire

Feed the LightBody 

Starve the Tar Body 


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Tar Body Mini Video

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Key Note Audio File

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Week 12 Homework NotesArtist Name
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Pullling Plugs Guided Meditation Video

Power Integrator, Signing yourSelf into Zero & the Beshared Bubble 

No Homework Week 16

Week 18 PDF & Energy Letter Video

Week 19 No Homework

Week 20 & 21 Reading Homework

Click below to read my first professional published paper documenting a one year study of implementing Reiki with nursing home patients and residents.

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Week 22 Final Meeting

I Place Love Here