Group Immersion

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The Akashik Records store the collective subconscious memory of all people, places, and things, through all time, space, dimensions and lifetimes. 


Your body and mind receive 'codes of conduct' directly from memories stored in the Akashik Records. These memories are projected as the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the actions, both conscious, unconscious, and subconscious, you embody and channel in this life. In essence, you draw 'codes of memory' from the Akashik Records, projected these codes through your consciousness, and emboss them into the Grid Matrix as your experience. 


While memories can be good, the memories that run our lives in limiting and fear-based ways represent karmas, spiritual lessons, ancient agreements, sacred contracts, and all aspects that have marked us in some polarizing way. These memories keep us living on re-runs from the past, in a cosmic loop of drawing from ancient pain, projecting it into our life and so re-living the trauma in various ways, until we are ready to release it and remember our oneness.

What are you ready to release now? 


Which ancient, or 'of this lifetime' memories are running your life? Are there limiting, negative, or self-destructive patterns you are ready to 'Release' back to the Akashik Records? Do you feel called to enter the Hall of Records to receive that which you have left for your self in the past, as an instrument that will serve your purpose, now? Join me as we enter the Hall of Records and retrieve that which is ready to be realized through you in the NOW.


Every other month we will gather for a mini immersion through the Akashik Records to release that which you are ready to let go of, and to receive that which you are ready to embody. 

Akashik Records Immersion December 30th, 5:30-7PM pst

Sliding Scale Donation $22-$33

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One-to-One Services

Akashik Intuitive Reading & Grid Matrix Clearing

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You share your query. We draw pieces of the puzzle from Tarot before questing into the Akashik Records to find the limiting pattern. Higher Self clears what you are ready to release through The Grid Matrix. Next, ancient archives, blue-prints, artifacts and scrolls are retrieved by you with the Records for your current path. Your internal pattern is reset through the Akashik & Grid. Healing takes place, and sovereign authenticity resumes its place in the center of your heart, emblazoned within your consciousness.

1 Hour Session via Zoom

$100. Add an mp3 recording of your session for $5.

Contact for Details


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Sessions via Zoom

30 Minute Session $80

45 Minute Session $100

60 Minute Session $125


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Spirit Counsel & Spiritual Life Coaching 

Are you seeking to explore non-traditional 'therapy sessions' that honor your multidimensionality and healing path? Are you experiencing past life trauma and seeking to make a mends with 'times before'?  Do you seek to connect with your Higher Self & draw wisdom from its core, to help you live your healthiest, happiest life? Inquire for more info. Free twenty minute consultation.

Regain your sense of levity in this world! I've got your back and can gift you multidimensional support and energy tools to help you along your ascension process. 

Single 1 hour Session - $100 (phone or zoom)

Four-pack Discount -$333 (expires 6 weeks)

Free twenty minute Consult. Contact for Details

Reiki - Distance & In Person

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It's all about receiving love and remembering that love is the essence of your very core. Experience a divinely guided 1 hour Distance Reiki in the comfort of your own home, or schedule a 2 hour Private Reiki Healing session with me at my studio.

Private sessions includes Spirit Counseling.

Contact for details.

Distance Reiki

One Hour- $100

In Person Private Reiki Healing Session 

Two Hours $200