Not only is Tuesday a powerful energy worker, but she is also a warm, compassionate human with a huge heart.  She has an amazing ability to put you at ease, gain your trust and connect very quickly.  She patiently let me unravel my story and then brought me to a place of deeper understanding and openness.  She has a powerful intuitive ability to get to the deepest levels, offering guidance and wisdom.   After one session, I walked away with a lighter heart and a regained trust in my own intuition.  It was life-altering in the best sense. -Debbie Chapman

Being a self-proclaimed "Self-Help Junkie" for over 20 years, I have done meditation (individual and guided), energy work, releasing trapped emotions, cognitive therapy, EFT/tapping, affirmations, vision boards/dream mapping, spiritual work, etc. All of this while consuming literally thousands of books (physical and audio). Struggling with emotional pain for so many years, I became obsessed with healing. Finding SOMETHING that would bring relief.


All of these things definitely helped, I don't mean to imply that it was wasted effort by any means. 

But at the end of the day, I still felt those waves of hopelessness, anxiety, apathy, outright terror at times and worse yet, resignation ("I guess this is just how life is going to be...") in my day to day life. 


I found Tuesday and started following her work. It was interesting and my intuition immediately told me I needed to work with her directly (despite my jaded intellect telling me not to get my hopes up again. Fortunately at this point, I know when not to listen to my stupid intellect ).


From the first session, I immediately knew this was different from anything that I had tried or experienced before.  Tuesday has a very special gift and ability to set the parameters needed for the natural discovery and healing to take place on its own. 


It's like she is your divine guide, knowing that it is not her place to "heal you." She just gently walks you to that place you had been searching for yourself but had not quite been able to find. That beautiful, warm, peaceful source of love that has the ability to heal whatever you are experiencing.


Once she guides you to that place, you are never the same again. Everything feels "lighter" than before. You have hope, where before you may have felt hopeless. What a gift. If you have found her and are considering working with her, give yourself the gift of doing it. You deserve this and you can heal, no matter how hopeless it may feel to you now." - Mike Brown



"Tuesday, I was feeling low, confused and frustrated when we spoke last night.  You helped me to put things into context without having to verbalize what I felt and you spoke directly and firmly to my ‘tar body’.  As such it felt as if the part of me which I’d kept hidden got called out for the first time.  It was like you saw it and ‘have its number’ so to speak.  You are the one person I knew would understand the metaphysical implications attached to the outward reflections in my life being displayed as a reflection of my inner experience.


Following our conversation last night I went to bed exhausted.  I carried out Reiki on myself beginning with the head and worked down to the stomach at which point I was so relaxed and sleepy that it was time to stop the hand positions and just intend for the healing to keep running.


This morning I woke up with a feeling of empowerment. For the first time in months, I didn’t feel inner conflict.  I’ve started remembering how I used to feel when I was balanced and lived in joy.  It feels like a ‘tipping’ point was reached last night and the ‘master’ me is back in the driving seat.  So much has happened and shifted in just 12 hours.  It’s a perfect reminder of how time is linear here, and only here.  How could so many inner shifts happen so fast? Last night was a truly unique experience and incredibly healing. I mean REALLY healing. I bless your wisdom, support, knowledge, and love.  I can see why you have many clients and are successful!  I embraced today with a feeling of excitement and joy, something I’d forgotten to do recently. Thank you for your love and support and for being in my world."  -Aoibhinn Murray  


"Tuesday has been a positive, spiritual force in my life since 2005. She introduced me to the power of Reiki at a time when I needed it. Over the years, a friendship blossomed and when I found myself struggling through difficult life and health challenges, she became a powerful resource. Her reiki sessions and her spiritual guidance got me through some tough moments. It was because of her healing hands that I decided to learn more about Reiki and received Reiki attunements so that I could deepen my own spiritual reiki practice. She is a compassionate, intelligent, beautiful soul and I am very blessed to have her in my life." -Antoinette Reyes


"Tuesday's reiki sessions were essential in helping me to dig deeper to release my negative blockage that was causing me to attract toxic men for many years.   I was also suffering from neck and back pain from a recent rear-end collision.  Tuesday's guidance and exercises aided in accelerating my healing process. I am confidently on the road to a full recovery and recently met a wonderful man who adores me!   If you need to release stress and tension and get healthy in mind, body, and spirit, I recommend Tuesday. She is a compassionate teacher and a master healer." -Elizabeth Eng


Growing up, I always had a negative image of myself. I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror because negativity just came out. I really got to a point of hating myself. Then I took that first Vinyasa Yoga class Tuesday teaches. It changed my life I remember being there so at peace staring at the mirror and not hating myself for once. Then I read Tuesday's book and it changed my life. Her book showed me it was ok to have been so "dark", that I could grow from there, eventually reaching happiness no matter how badly I "messed up". I can't stop giving her credit for helping me create this life that I look forward to keep living. Thank you Tuesday for everything, it's been amazing."  -Isabel Castilo


"Tuesday is not only my instructor but I like to think of her as my life coach as well. I attend her yoga and body sculpt classes religiously and not only did I lose a lot of weight, but I gained a whole new perspective on life and higher self-esteem. I even joined Tuesday in a Reiki Healing Circle and I have conquered my fear of the dark! She's taught me so much about hard work and self-love that I am a more positive and upbeat person because of it. I am so thankful I found Tuesday, she has truly changed my life! " -Joanna Maldonado


"I am 82 years old and have never felt so alive! I have been yoga with Tuesday for about a year. I've had other yoga teachers, but Tuesday is special. Her voice is so calming in communicating each pose. She pays attention to each of us in class to make sure we the exercises correctly and get the maximum benefit- and as a bonus, we all get one on one care from her! I do anything not to miss a lesson." - Letty Jo Randell


"You are a fortunate person when you meet and hire Tuesday to be your personal trainer. Tuesday worked with me and my work-related injuries using her Master Reiki skills. She is a gifted Yoga teacher, and Pilates too. Regardless of your age (young to young 80s), experience or limitations, in my case, I grew in strength, knowledge of proper postures and desire to keep going. I always feel so much better after each session. Tuesday leads a great Chair yoga for all ages, from beginner to skilled." - Karen Ellis


"In an attempt to make a change in my life, I embarked on a journey that would ideally strengthen and enrich my mind and body. I made several shifts in my habits including eating healthy clean foods, meditating and working out on a regular basis. I knew these things would all affect my mood; help me sleep more soundly and improve my mental capacity. What I didn't know would happen, is that committing to classes with Tuesday affected me on a deeper level. Sure, my body changed and looked strong and felt strong, but my mind also was invigorated and my energy was boosted. But I also was calmer and began to have a healthier sense of my self, not just the body, and mind, but who I am fundamentally. Thank you, Tuesday, for your dedication to your own self and for sharing that with others." -Juli Vizza


"Tuesday Thomas is a divine source of love, strength, light, self-love, and power. Tuesday possess the magic to touch and transform the lives of her students through her beautiful Yoga practice, wondrous meditation, Reiki healing, and magnificent spiritual practices. It is shown through her practices of Mind, Body, and Spirit that Tuesday is able to provide each of her students with a gentle opportunity to love themselves--this opens a new journey for anyone in the search of the meaning of life. A teacher, an angel, and a purified source of unconditional love." -Rony Castellanos


"I have taken Tuesday’s Body Sculpt and Yoga classes for a couple of years now and I have learned so much during this time.  Tuesday was the first person who told me to forgive myself, to love myself, to accept myself.  I know there is a long way for self- acceptance, but Tuesday in every class - reminds us that we are important, that we must be proud of ourselves, that we need to LIVE NOW and BREATHE LIFE.  She is my inspiration and my motivation.  I feel so blessed to have Tuesday as an instructor.  I really can’t express how blessed we feel having Tuesday as our instructor. She is not only teaching a class – she is giving us the gift of loving ourselves and the gift of healing. Her presence, her caring for us, her words in every class fills our hearts with peace and happiness. 


There are so many words that I can give to describe what Tuesday has brought into our lives, here are only some of them:  “Inspiration” “Motivation” “Relaxation” “Learning” “Peace” “Beauty” “Happiness” Thankfulness” “Giving” “Sharing” “Effort” “Love” “Constance” “Forgiveness” -Patricia S Davis


"I've always had a deep spiritual connection to the divine. As a first generation individual born in the US, my power had always been derived from the ego due to a number of circumstances. I knew that there was something more deep down, but was stuck. After my first Reiki session with Tuesday and friends in October of 2011, it sent me on a path that really helped me evolve into my true power. It is from this practice that grew and grew for me to be myself and share that magic with the World. Thank you, Tuesday for your continued advice, friendship, and love." -Sam Blan





Very Thorough without being overwhelming. Perfect amount of material to cover in a one-day course. Appropriate and applicable for healthcare pros, yoga instructors and bodyworkers alike." 

-Scarlett Redmond Yoga Instructor


"This course was excellent! This course has equipped me with the knowledge and fundamentals to teach Chair Yoga to residents in a retirement community who have Dementia. Thank you for such a valuable class." -Katherine Kennedy Summerhouse Manager Villa Gardens Retirement Community 


"I learned more than I expected to, and now feel confident and empowered to teach Yoga in a healthcare setting." -Magda Freedom Rod Yoga Instructor  & Author


“I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Chair Yoga for Everybody's training in southern California in 2012. The program was beneficial not only in my professional but personal life as well."  -Ashley Wade

Owner, Group Exercise Instructor & Trainer at Evolve U Fitness & Wellness


"I have been an active yogi for over 5 years, and recently had a back injury which made me stop altogether. I was really missing that powerful breath/body connection and wondered how I could keep practicing. I also had the feeling that I wanted to teach but knew that I would need to start with the basics. I had no idea how completely inspiring and enriching this training would be! It was so comprehensive; it covered everything from posture to eye yoga (an amazing new set of exercises!).  I have fallen in love teaching the beautiful practice of seated yoga. I've seen the positive effect it's had on my own well being and my health-- my back feels better than ever, thanks to the stretching and fluid movements of the practice. 


I'm excited to share what I've learned with everybody, no matter what their level of mobility. This is a practice that I will take with me and share with family, friends and the community, for as long as I am fortunate enough to help others breathe, relax, and feel good in their bodies." -Rachel Gold

Mother and Interior Design Consultant


"Very informative and exciting! Certainly hope to incorporate what I've learned today not just with my residents, but for my personal wellbeing." -Raymond Ruiz

Life Enrichment Specialist Kingsley Manor Retirement Community


"Valuable information, to implement a successful Chair Yoga Exercise..." Program. "Highly recommended!... Namaste!" -Evita Valero

Life Enrichment Facilitator Villa Gardens Retirement Community


"This course was very cohesive and organized. The instruction explained the material, demonstrated the sequences and provided helpful insight based on teaching Therapeutic Modalities in a healthcare setting."  -Nancy Pienkowski Ayurvedic Yoga Instructor 


"Great training. I can only recommend it to anybody :) " -Viktoria Selmser

Life Enrichment Director Kingsley Manor Retirement Community


"Great Course. It has provided us with high standards to attain. Thanks!" -Robert Evans 

Senior Care Advocate & Volunteer


"Very Professional and knowledgeable. I recommend this course to everyone." -Olga Duff

Caregiver & Buddhist Teacher


"Excellent course for all levels of practitioners and for healthcare professionals. Easy to follow format." -Dana Tillman Yogini 


"Inspiring to my mind, body, and soul. I %100 recommend Chair Yoga to everyone who is willing to learn." 

-Delone Martinez

Life Enrichment Specialist Kingsley Manor Retirement Community