Walter Russell

Decoding the Metaphysics of Spirituality


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The recordings are excerpts from my livestream 4D Trinity. And the icons used are those that were on my walls, before I even knew who Walter Russel was. 

more to come

God is Light
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Thinking as Matter
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The year was 2008. My website 'channelthegrid' had launched, and my bedroom was covered in sketches by Walter Russell. I had found 'cool drawings' on the internet and printed them from my computer.


I was optimistically studying physics and german  (both of which I dropped out of) at Santa Monica College whilst preparing for my first interactive 'grid art show'.

Later in 2018, my grid studies brought me to know of Walter Russel. Ten years earlier, when his pictures were posted all over my walls, I had no idea who he was, nor what his teachings imparted. 

Last year a dear friend gave me Walter's book 'The Universal One', and my sister gifted me 'The Secret of Light'.


Much of Walter's scientifically-based offerings sit with me like a time-release capsule, meaning I have received the essence, though do not thoroughly understand all of it just yet. This said, the metaphysics of his spiritual teachings on oneness, and god are very intuitive to me.

Join me in decoding Walter Russell's spiritual metaphysics in conjunction with the grid mind science teachings.