Read my professional article published in the American Journal of Recreation Therapy, 2005- "Reiki Adds a New Dimension to the Term Quality of Life in the Nursing Home Community'.

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The modality of Reiki accesses life-force energy to aid the balance of mind and body. Life-force energy is supplied to the participant from the facilitator through the practice of conscious human touch.


The foundation of this course is based on understanding life-force energy, learning Reiki and how to share it with one's self and others appropriately.

This course includes Level One & Two Reiki Attunements with a focus on self-care in balance with caring for others. 


Students learn to access universal life-force energy and share it via the modality of Reiki. Everyone taking this program will gain an understanding of how to appropriately implement one-to-one and group therapeutic touch healing sessions. 

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