Biography Continued

Tuesday's very first professional publication depicts a one year documented research study she did on the effects of Reiki with nursing home patients. It was published in the American Journal of Recreation Therapy in 2005. The article is titled "Reiki Adds a New Dimension to the term 'Quality of Life' in the Nursing Home Community".

Tuesday's first published book is titled Chair Yoga for Everybody. It serves as the Teaching Manual to her training course. She has certified scores of Activity Leaders, Caregivers, and Yoga Teachers with her Chair Yoga For Everybody Teacher Training program. 


Tuesday has shared Reiki teachings and attunements with individuals and communities all over the world, including terminally ill bed-bound patients in hospitals, and elders in the nursing home community. She became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2002 and began working with wheelchair-bound individuals and groups in assisted living, hospice, and skilled nursing communities from New York to Los Angeles. She facilitated ongoing Reiki Therapeutic Touch & Wheelchair Yoga classes for patients and residents in these settings and worked in this field for fifteen years.


In 2015 Tuesday facilitated Interactive Workshops on Reiki & Therapeutic Touch as a Speaker & Presenter at the 6th Annual Conference of Aging and Spirituality in Los Angeles. 



Her most recent book How to Manifest with the Law of Vibration is a teaching tool and workbook that holds keys to living Heaven on Earth. Her mini book The Nowosphere contains important pointers that reflect the sensitivity and vulnerability one encounters while enduring the not always comfortable path of spiritual growth. 


She is featured in an article at where she speaks on the theme "Like attracts Like..", has written for Power Up Magazine and has published several spiritual articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.