Holistic Mystic Podcast
The metaphysics of just about everything mind, body, and spirit.

Since the 90's Tuesday has been making audio recordings of her spiritual journey on hand held dictaphone recorders, mini recorders and cel phones. The 'Archive' podcasts contain her 'never shared before' passages of healing and revelation, including a three-day kundalini enlightenment that was documented on cassette tape.

Uploads contain a series of recorded offerings made by host Tuesday May Thomas over many years . While more current recordings are from her livestream show '4D Trinity', 2017-2021, Archive recordings are from as far back as 1996.


4D Trinity - Live metaphysical talk show focused on bridging Heaven on Earth through the practices of self-mastery and self-healing. Grid Mind Science teachings are woven throughout the recordings.


Archive - Treasure Enlightenment; A precious collection of raw recordings that document a kundalini enlightenment experience as it unfolds through consciousness and every day interactions.


Instant Relic - Smaller batches of spiritual insight, and recorded notes from midnight to dawn.

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